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Make sure to put a little sunshine in your life… but don’t put it on your artwork!

Nothing adds more to a home than a beautiful piece of displayed artwork (e.g. a framed print, photo or painting). Unfortunately, your prized works of art can become badly damaged when they are exposed to light sources. If you do not take very specific steps to protect your artwork, you could lose it’s colors to sun damage over time.

While sunlight and indoor lighting easily damage artwork, protecting it from harmful UV rays is the secret to ensuring your art looks as stunning and as detailed as if it were new. Unfortunately, keeping your artwork hidden from view isn’t something you will want to do, and, using regular glass to cover it will not sufficiently block ultraviolet rays. What you will want to do is make sure your art is covered with UV-filtering glass. This will block up to 45 percent of harmful UV light and UV rays. The best UV filtering option is Museum Glass. Museum Glass provides 99 percent UV protection. It is the first choice of SF Framing’s professional framers. While more expensive than other glass frame options, it is crystal clear and has unique anti-reflective properties.

Don’t let your artwork fade from view!

With Summer here, there isn’t a better time for you to make certain you are not putting your artwork in harm’s way. If you suspect you have artwork that could use UV protection, bring it to us and we will help you evaluate it for FREE. If you would like us to provide you with Museum Glass to protect your art, mention this blog and we will give you a 50% discount off Museum Glass (for any picture frame up to 36″ x 48″ in size) until the end of summer 2022 (September 22).

Treasured Memories… could light the corners of your life!

Framed Family Portrait

Custom Framed and Preserved Family Portrait with Acid Free Matting.

Exactly why custom frame anything?  Well, do you have an unusual item that has been inherited from friends or family, or a memento that you have had for years and cannot bear to part with?

From old postcards or photographs, to gifts from distant lands where relatives traveled to explore new adventures, keepsakes can be a reminder of a special moment, a time in our lives we don’t want to fade or a memory of a loved one we don’t want to forget.

An item passed down or collected over the years might seem unusual on the face of it, but could have a really special story behind it. Sadly, if not documented and well preserved, sometimes the origins of those treasures aren’t always clear.

Which well-dressed relatives are in that old black and white photograph? Which great aunt created that beautiful needlepoint? Exactly where was that stunning watercolor painted? Many people save special items that become treasured heirlooms, and heirlooms often carry treasured memories. If you have an unusual item that has been inherited from friends or family, or an item you have had for years and cannot bear to part with, it’s time to preserve that memory before it is lost forever. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, SF Framing can help you preserve and proudly display that cherished object.

Framed family heirloom

Family heirloom framed in conservation UV acrylic shadow box.

Family heirlooms are a wonderful treasure, but they can be easily damaged by light, heat, humidity, pests, and handling. Sunlight and fluorescent light fade and discolor most treasures, and are especially dangerous to fabrics, paper, and photographs. Historic objects can also be harmed by a variety of items including abrasive cleaners; glues, adhesive tapes, and labels; staples, and paper clips; acidic wood, cardboard, or paper; and pens and markers.

Heirlooms stored away in a box bring much less enjoyment! By choosing to frame and display your family treasures, they can bring you great joy as they benefit from the protection of ultraviolet light-filtering glass. Before those memories fade away, SF Framing is making it easier than ever to preserve and display your memories with custom framing. Mention this blog and we will offer you 50% off Museum Glass (for any size frame – yours or ours) until June 20, 2018. We look forward to seeing you (and your treasured possessions) very soon!